• "I had a fantastic session with you. I was really tense prior to our session but found it so powerful and hugely comforting. I felt very empowered."

    Naomi Davidson, Cambridge

  • "Rosalind helped me with EFT, when I was struck down with a facial paralysis that left my right eye "stuck" open. I made a full recovery in a number of weeks, after being told by a Consultant that it may take up to 18 months.


    I have no doubt that using "tapping" helped greatly in my recovery. I would encourage anyone to seek Rosalind’s help as the EFT certainly gets results."

    - Sue Isaacson, Cambridge

  • "From my very first session with Rosalind, I knew I had made the right decision. Rosalind is a kind, patient, caring and deeply intuitive therapist. Her connection with you is heartfelt.


    No matter how low I start out at the beginning of a session with Rosalind, she always manages to raise my hopes and beliefs that this will all pass, and that I can deal with this. Some hurts take longer than others, but I always walk away from a session with Rosalind feeling better. Always.


    Thank you, Rosalind, for everything. You're a life changer."

    – Sarah, Lincolnshire

  • "Thanks ever so much, Rosalind. You have been a massive help."

    Joanne, Peterborough

  • "I don't know how it works, but it does.

    Having experienced a TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) session with Rosalind Bubb recently, I can highly recommend both.

    When you are with Rosalind you feel safe. She is caring and intuitive and completely focused on your well-being. As we chatted about some of the 'baggage' I wanted to deal with, Rosalind was supportive and professional. She explained and demonstrated the TAT process and answered all of my questions. During the session I realised that changes in my physicality and perception were quite real.

    There were no 'eureka' moments – just gentle and reassuring calm. Six months down the line the calm continues to grow and support me."

    - Gail Bull, Cambridgeshire

  • "You have helped me beyond anything I am trying right now. Thank you so much Rosalind. It's so simple, your techniques, and I so enjoy feeling joy and peace today. I have had an amazing breakthrough today. Namaste."

    - Jax Brennan

  • "I've worked with Rosalind on many occasions covering general coaching through to tackling specific health issues including shingles. The most significant however, is the massive improvement seen in removing my symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) which was a result of a serious accident many years ago and got re-triggered following the birth of each of my two children. I was recommended by the medical profession to 'leave well alone' in case I made it worse.

    Living with PTSD over time, the symptoms merge into normal life and are almost indistinguishable, hence it was sometime after a session, that I realised not only was I more peaceful and relaxed, less 'fragmented' but the significant improvement in my effectiveness, focus, concentration and productivity are directly attributable to the work I've been doing with Rosalind.

    Rosalind is a professional, expert in her field who works with compassion, understanding and an absolute commitment to giving you the best result possible."

    - Jackie Pendray, Peterborough

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