• EFT "tap-along" videos

    During this difficult time, using EFT "tap-along" videos can be a very simple way to support yourself, and to help you to feel better.


    I have created a series of free videos, which can help you to change the way you feel, without you needing to think about anything. All you have to do is copy me, and repeat what I say and tap where I tap.


    ** Please make sure you WASH YOUR HANDS before and after tapping! **

    1. Easier breathing with EFT tapping

    Tapping along with this video can support you to relax and to breathe more easily. Our breath is influenced by our emotions, and as you release some of the anxiety and tension, your breathing can become easier and freer. (14 minutes)

    2. Loved-one in hospital: comforting EFT tapping to ease anxiety

    This video can support you and help to ease feelings of anxiety, if someone you care about is in hospital. (12 minutes)

    3. Easing fear about the corona virus

    This video can help you to feel more peaceful and calm, and less scared and anxious, about the corona virus. (18 minutes)

    4. Financial worries - support for concerns about the economy & livelihoods

    This video can help you to feel calmer, and better able to cope with fears about the economy and people’s livelihoods. (9 minutes)

    5. Support for medics - feeling tired, stressed & overwhelmed

    Designed for medical staff, this 5 minute EFT “tap-along” video helps you to feel less stressed and overwhelmed. “Tapping” (Emotional Freedom Techniques) has been shown to reduce cortisol levels in your body.