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How will a therapy session help me?

Rosalind helps people who have experienced unpleasant events, traumas and bereavements, or who have fears and phobias, or those who wish to regain control of their health and re-establish balance.

In a business context, she can help you to achieve the mindset which will make the biggest difference, and can also support you in taking good care of yourself, however much you are juggling on a daily basis.

The powerful self-help tools (EFT and TAT) which Rosalind uses can help you to make the changes you want.

Most clients report feeling considerably better, at the end of their first therapy session.


What happens during a therapy session?

Rosalind is a skilful and caring therapist, who will quickly put you at your ease. She is easy to talk to, and has a light touch. There is often some laughter when you work with her, (even when the topic is very serious.)

Rosalind uses EFT and TAT, which are both energy meridian therapies and which both involve going through some small, simple physical movements (- fully dressed -) whilst talking together.

They both look very odd, and quite unusual, but they are both extremely powerful and effective, and people report feeling considerably better after using them.

Rosalind will show you how to use them, and at the end of a session you will have simple self-help tools which you can use on yourself independently, any time you want to be able to make yourself feel better.

EFT involves “tapping” lightly with your fingertips, on acupressure points on your head and hands. It is sometimes described as “emotional acupuncture, but without the needles.” TAT involves holding a simple “pose” and putting your attention on some words.

Therapy sessions can be done in person, in St Ives near Cambridge (UK), but they are also just as effective on the telephone, Skype video and on Facetime, and can be done wherever you are in the world.

If you meet face to face you will have the opportunity for Rosalind to use the techniques directly on you, if you would like that.

If you work together on the telephone, she will talk you through them throughout the session, and you will do them on yourself.

If you choose Skype video or Facetime, then you will be able to see each other, and you will be able to copy what she is doing, on yourself.

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How many therapy sessions will I need?

The number of sessions you need will vary, depending on how you are feeling to begin with, which techniques are used, and how far you want to take it. Most clients have at least 2 sessions.

Many find that they welcome the on-going support and care of a number of sessions, especially if they are dealing with challenging circumstances, and don't have anybody supporting them in taking good care of themselves.

At the end of your first session with Rosalind, you will know how to use one of the self-help tools for yourself, allowing you to change the way you feel any time that you want to, independently.

And the chances are, you will be feeling considerably better than before you began.


I don't live near Rosalind – how can she help me?

Rosalind works with clients face to face, in St Ives near Cambridge (UK,) but she also does therapy sessions using the telephone, Skype video and Facetime, which means you can be based anywhere in the world.

Each method of working together is just as effective as the others, and she regularly works with people who are thousands of miles away!


From our first Skype call, I knew Rosalind was the help I needed.

The Skype sessions worked really well: I could see Rosalind, so I could mimic what she was doing, and she could see me to help as well.

Vickie G, London (UK) / Houston (USA)

I had telephone sessions and I found it a bit strange working over the phone at first, but Rosalind had a really easy manner and she was so intuitive - she almost seemed to know what I was thinking, at times!

Clarissa, Glouscester

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