Simple Tapping




What is Simple Tapping?

Simple tapping is a powerful and effective self-help technique, which you can learn very quickly and use on yourself immediately, to improve the way you feel.

It's easy!

You don't need to "believe" in anything. Just try it.

Rosalind teaches it to all of her clients and you can start using Simple Tapping now.


Its formal name is Simple Energy Techniques (SET) and it was created by

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Very easy to use...

Introduction to Simple Tapping

For anyone who is familiar with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, known as "tapping,") it is a simplified version of EFT, which does not require you to use any words.

Like EFT and TAT, "Simple tapping" is often described as being one of the "energy psychologies," or "energy meridian therapies."



How is "Simple Tapping" different from EFT?

"Simple tapping" is a simplified version of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques.)

[This following information will only make sense if you know about EFT!]

It is very simple indeed, and you cannot get it wrong.

Unlike EFT, you do not have to use any words. You do not have to use any set-up statements. You do not have to "know what words to use" or worry about getting anything right.

You use the same tapping points as EFT, but you can pick and choose which you use, and in which order. (You don't have to worry about forgetting any!)

You do not necessarily need to "tap" the points, either: it is just as effective to rub or hold them. (Some people much prefer rubbing or holding the points, to "tapping.") Rubbing or holding can be done more discreetly, than tapping.


Start Using Simple Tapping Now...




"Simple tapping" involves gently stimulating these energy meridian points.

(These are points which are used in acupuncture.)

You don't need to believe in any of this.

Just try it!

It works, whether you believe in it or not.

Many people find that they feel calmer and more relaxed, if they do this for a while.


Using the fingertips of either hand, simply tap, rub or hold any of these points, in any order.

You can use all of the points, or just 3 or 4 at one go.

Have a little experiment, and see which feel nicest.

Many people prefer to tap rapidly and gently on these points.

Some prefer to rub or stroke them.

Some people like to hold the points, and take some deep breaths.

Tap, rub or hold the points for a little while.

(3 – 10 minutes is usually enough, for most people to begin to feel something happening.)

You can tap, rub or hold these points for as long as you want to, (usually the longer the better.)

You don't need to be focussing on anything in particular. Just let your thoughts come and go.



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