TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique)...


One of the techniques which Rosalind uses with her clients is TAT. It is a very powerful, simple and effective self-help tool.

People often feel considerably more peaceful after just one session of TAT. It is something which you will easily learn how to use on yourself.

TAT is sometimes described as one of the "energy psychologies" or "energy meridian therapies." It involves holding a TAT "pose" (with your hands placed lightly at the front and back of your head) whilst putting your attention on certain words.

It looks odd, and sounds very unlikely! - but it is very effective.

TAT is good for ending stress, especially traumatic stress; releasing limiting beliefs; gaining self-confidence and a positive outlook on life; and for relaxation and being in better health.


Rosalind can help you, using TAT...


Rosalind is a certified TAT Professional, and is able to use TAT with you to help you to feel better.

If you would like more information about TAT, and a free introduction booklet which shows you how to use TAT on yourself, go here: www.TATLife.com

If you would like to talk to Rosalind about how TAT can help you to make the changes you would like in your life, contact her.

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I had two TAT sessions with Rosalind - the first to help me deal with a deep-seated emotional issue, and the second to give me a clearer perspective on a confusing period of life-change.

I didn't go in expecting complete resolution, but I was amazed at the depth of new insight and clarity that emerged from the TAT process. Rosalind showed a remarkable degree of empathy and a finely-tuned instinct for helping me reach the heart of the matter.

It was a comforting and energising experience and I feel that Rosalind has given me an effective tool to help me to deal positively with almost any situation.

Caroline, Essex



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