EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, known as "tapping")...


What is EFT...

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, known as "tapping") is a powerful and effective self-help tool, which you can use to help yourself feel better. 

Rosalind uses it with many of her clients.  It involves lightly "tapping" with your fingertips, on acupressure points on your head and hands, (fully dressed.)

Based on the principles of both ancient acupressure and modern psychology, EFT "tapping" concentrates on specific energy meridians while focussing on negative emotions or physical sensations.

Combined with spoken word, "tapping" helps calm the nervous system, to restore the balance of energy in the body and re-wire the brain to respond in healthy ways.

It looks odd, and is quite unusual, but people report feeling considerably better after using it.


How to do EFT...


First Steps in "tapping"

The basics of Emotional Freedom Techniques are easy to learn and there are instructions below, if you would like to try tapping on yourself.


1. How do you feel? (creating a set-up statement)

Think about something that is troubling you:

e.g. I feel cross; I'm feeling anxious; my lower back hurts, etc.

Create a set-up statement that includes the issue you want to tap on:

"Even though... (insert your issue) ... I'm ok."

e.g. "Even though I feel cross, I'm ok."

Repeat this statement out loud three times, whilst tapping rapidly and firmly on the "karate chop" point on the side of your hand (below your little finger and above the top of your wrist).


2. A Reminder phrase (staying "tuned in" to the problem)

Now you are going to tap on the points below, whilst at the same time saying a reminder phrase at each tapping point, to help you "tune in" to what is bothering you.

e.g. "I feel cross" or "I'm feeling anxious" or "My lower back hurst."


3. The Tapping Points

Tap rapidly and lightly with your finger tips, on the following points, whilst at the same time saying your reminder phrase.

Aim to tap about 7 times on each point (but it does not have to be exact!)

1. Eyebrow – at the beginning of your eyebrows, just above your nose

2. Side of your eye – on the bone right next to the outside side of your eye

3. Under your eye – on the bone, about an inch below your pupil

4. Under your nose – above your top lip

5. Chin – mid way below your bottom lip

6. Collar bone – about where a man would knot his tie

7. Under your arm – in the middle of your bra strap (if you were wearing one)

8. Top of your head

While you are tapping, keep repeating the reminder phrase and tune in to that thought or feeling.

Tap round the points a number of times. When you feel ready, take a deep breath.


4. How do you feel now? (repeat if necessary)

Assess how you are feeling now. If there is still some of the feeling left, repeat the process.

Change the wording in the set-up phrase at the beginning, if necessary, to reflect exactly how you are feeling now.


5. If all of the feelings don't go straight away…

Don't despair! It might take some time, and some focussed tapping, to feel a lot better.

The following options can be helpful:

Rosalind helped me to use EFT on my distressing memories […] so that they went away. I thought the process we used would be very upsetting, but I was surprised to find that it wasn't.

Learning how to use EFT has changed my life, and I'm glad Rosalind taught me how to use it. It is a skill which I use regularly, in many different areas of my work and home life.

S.J. St Ives


I loved that Rosalind taught me several ways to do the tapping; not only did I tap with her, but I tapped on my own […]

The tapping helped me deal with the anxiety and fear, or at least keep it in check  […]

Tapping is really a life skill, and I will take it with me forever.

Vickie G, London (UK) / Houston (USA)


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