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Rosalind: a skilful and caring therapist

Rosalind is therapist with 11 years’ experience. She specialises in helping people to be happy, peaceful, effective and well. Read more about Rosalind

 Using powerful and effective self-help tools, including EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, known as "tapping,") and TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) she can help you to make the changes you want.

From our first Skype call, I knew Rosalind was the help I needed. The fact that she had been through the same thing I experienced was so comforting and made me feel I could say and clear what I needed to.


Vickie G, London (UK) / Houston (USA)

1. One-to-One Therapy Sessions (wherever you are in the world)


Rosalind offers therapy sessions, to anyone who would like to make changes in their life. These can be done face to face in St Ives near Cambridge; or on the telephone; or using Skype or Facetime. They are all equally effective.

As a very experienced therapist, Rosalind offers emotional care and support using powerful and effective self-help tools sometimes known as ‘energy psychologies.’ EFT and TAT allow her clients to transform long standing issues, rapidly and painlessly.

Her clients are left feeling confident that they can use the tools on themselves independently any time they need them, to change the way they feel. They almost always say that they feel considerably better: calmer and happier, less stressed and physically well.

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2. Self-Help Tools you can use on yourself NOW

Self Help Tools
Simple Tapping

If you prefer not to do a therapy session with Rosalind at this time, or you would like to get started by yourself straight away now, this website provides a range of other options.

There are self-help tools you can learn and start using NOW, to help you feel better. To find out more about each technique, click the links on the right.


I loved that Rosalind taught me several ways to do the tapping; not only did I tap with her, but I tapped on my own […]

The tapping helped me deal with the anxiety and fear, or at least keep it in check so I wasn't a blubbering mess.

Vickie G, London (UK) / Houston (USA)


3. Find Resources

This website also provides links to many useful resources and sources of information.  


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