Business and peak performance



Do you have negative or disempowering thoughts and beliefs, which are holding you back at work?

Would you like to be able to change the way you think, feel, or focus?

Are you juggling many elements in your life (family, career) and do you wish you had someone supporting you in taking proper care of yourself?

With her skills and expertise, Rosalind can help.



Rosalind showed a remarkable degree of empathy and a finely-tuned instinct. It was a comforting and energising experience and I was amazed at the depth of new insight and clarity that emerged from the process.

Caroline, Essex


Thank you so much for helping me prepare for my Viva – I've passed! I did a lot of "tapping" in the days leading up to it and on the day its-self and I know that this really helped, particularly with encouraging me to relax.

L F, Cambridge


The significant improvement in my effectiveness, focus, concentration and productivity are directly attributable to the work I've been doing with Rosalind.

J Perkins, Cambridgeshire


What can I say? You're amazing. You're so much fun and yet so insightful. I feel wonderful and it's really helped me to improve my performance. Many many thanks.

Alan Brighton, Peterborough


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