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Rosalind BubbRosalind Bubb
Dip Clin Hyp Coach MNLP, EFT, TAT Professional


Rosalind is a therapist with 11 years’ experience. She specialises in helping people to be happy, peaceful, effective and well.

She is a qualified EFT Master Trainer and a level 3 practitioner; a clinical hypnotherapist and NLP master, and a TAT Professional. She is a member of the AAMET.

Rosalind is a skilful and caring therapist, who will quickly put you at your ease. She is easy to talk to and has a light touch. There is often some laughter when you work with her, (even when the topic is serious).

In addition to her general work as a therapist, Rosalind also specialises in supporting anyone who has been affected by miscarriage: www.miscarriage-support.com



I would recommend Rosalind very highly indeed not only for her sensitivity, tact and deep understanding, but also for her vision of what is possible.

Mary, Huntingdon


It goes without saying that Rosalind is compassionate and caring, but she is so much more than that. She senses when something is wrong and discreetly asks. I would highly recommend Rosalind for her professionalism and discretion but also for her friendly nature, and I know when things get difficult for me again Rosalind will be my first port of call.

Sarah Short, Cambridgeshire


 When you are with Rosalind you feel safe. She is caring and intuitive and completely focused on your well-being. As we chatted about some of the "baggage" I wanted to deal with, Rosalind was supportive and professional. There were no 'eureka' moments - just gentle and reassuring calm. Six months down the line the calm continues to grow and support me.

Gail Bull, Cambridgeshire
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